Is Raspatat Healthier Than Regular Fries?

Four potatoesThe crispy delight of a good portion of fries is familiar to many. But besides our beloved fries, there’s also raspatat, a unique variation with its own distinct character. Originating from the Netherlands, raspatat has gained popularity due to its smooth texture and different preparation method. While regular fries are simply sliced potatoes, raspatat is prepared from potato powder mixed with water. Naturally, this raises the question: which of the two is actually healthier? Let’s take a closer look at both versions and determine which one is the preferred choice for a conscious and healthy snack.

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Does Eating After 8 PM Cause Weight Gain?

A hamburger with a clock in the backgroundPeople have various reasons for wanting to lose weight, such as looking better, improving their health, or changing their body shape. “It’s better not to eat anything after 8:00 pm,” is probably a phrase you’ve heard more than once. Typically, in the evenings in front of the television or during social gatherings, tasty snacks are consumed. Think of cheese on crackers, chips, cookies, candy, and nuts. Most of the time, these unhealthy snacks are consumed mindlessly one after the other without truly savoring and enjoying them. Often, these night-time snacks are accompanied by a fair amount of alcohol, which also contains a tremendous number of empty calories.

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Can Our Body Really Switch to Starvation Mode?

A plate with little food puts the body into starvation modeMany people believe in the existence of a mode in which our body can enter, often called starvation mode. This is believed to be triggered by strict diets that cause the body to shift into this conservative mode, thus consuming less energy than usual. This starvation mode is often cited as the reason behind the notorious yo-yo effect. This idea has been circulated for a long time, often backed by personal experiences. The fear of this starvation mode grips many, leading to countless debates. It’s not uncommon to hear that someone, while on a strict diet, suddenly stops losing weight, attributing this halt to the body’s switch into starvation mode. It’s time to delve deeper into what our body truly does during a period of caloric restriction.

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